Denim Care


RAW or DRY denim is untreated denim, denim that is unwashed & has not used chemicals to mimic a worn look. We’ve chosen our sustainably sourced RAW denim because we want to reduce the use of chemicals on the garment, and ensure a much more authentic and minimally treated product. This enables you to naturally “wear in" your jeans and achieve the perfect worn look.


Wash inside out, cold with like colors. Hot water tends to open up the fibers of the fabric which encourages the dye to escape and run and can shrink your garment. Best to use a detergent that is designed to perform in cold water

Never Dry your denim as it can cause micro-breakages in the fibers and further fade your product. Also the high heat in drying is not sustainable for the environment. We suggest line or hang dry for best results.


The nature of indigo dyeing on denim is made so that it will fade through our natural wear and tear. Denim staining and crocking (bleeding) is a natural occurrence with denim, & especially with a RAW and untreated product.

However don’t fret!

We have some solutions for you to maintain the beautiful blue intensity of your product and minimize the dye rubbing.