Denim Collective


The Denim Collective is an educational initiative curated by artist, designer, Miko Underwood that explores the history of denim as a social, cultural & political icon throughout history.

“The American fashion community was born from the inception of indigo farms in America. The enslaved labor of Black Americans grew the cotton industry & built America's fashion economy. I created Oak & Acorn~Only for the Rebelles with the intent to pay homage to the untold legacy of Black Indigenous Americans & enslaved Africans contributions to the origins of American Denim. Yet I am compelled to do more… the moment requires it” - Miko Underwood

The Denim Collective is an authentic historical archive of denim making in America from its origins, beginning with indigo to present day, accounting for the contributions of Black Americans. It demands the documentation of historical truths, the right of visual representation & the right to be recognized justly. 

“We need an era of Truth & Justice in America. We need to commit ourselves to being honest about our past to reckoning with it…. Truth & Justice is have to Tell the Truth before you get to the restoration — before you get to the reconciliation. We have to commit to Reckoning with our history, to telling the truth about our past and engaging in important dialogue & conversations.” - Bryan Stevenson